By-Laws of Penn Student Government (PSG) Steering

The PSG Steering By-Laws were adopted in 2016 to regulate the body consisting of the heads of each branch, as overseen by the NEC Vice Chair for Education.

Last revised October 2, 2016.

Constitution of the Undergraduate Assembly

The UA Constitution is a broad, voter-ratified foundational document that defines the 6 branches of PSG and their roles. No other governing document may conflict with the constitution.

Last revised December 11, 2009.

Class Board Constitution

Class Boards maintain a looser set of rules under its Constitution, which is controlled by a coalition of the Class Board Presidents.

Last revised September 4, 2009.

Fair Practices Code (FPC)/Fair Practices Code for Referenda (FPCR)

The Fair Practices Code (FPC) and Fair Practices Code for Referenda (FPCR), mandated by the UA Constitution and written by the NEC, are binding upon other members of student government and undergraduate voters.

Last revised April 2019.

Nominations and Elections Committee Bylaws

The NEC bylaws govern its membership and responsibilities, and is maintained by its own members.

Last revised November 2017.

Social Planning and Events Committee Constitution

SPEC’s open committee structure is described in the SPEC Constitution, as well as procedures for internal elections.

Last revised April 2012.

Student Activities Council Constitution

The current SAC Constitution, first ratified in 2008, defines not only rules for executive membership, but also basic funding principles and membership protocols.

Last revised November 2016.

Student Committee on Undergraduate Education Bylaws

As the oldest still-existing branch of student government, SCUE’s bylaws, which define its membership and duties, resemble the original bylaws from the 1960s.

Last revised June 2016

Undergraduate Assembly Bylaws

The UA additionally follows a set of bylaws, maintained by its voting members without need for referenda, which define the UA’s membership and protocols.

Last revised March 28, 2016.